While I was at the mall the day after Christmas 2016 (12/26/2016), I was surprised at how busy it was.

Everything seemed like a normal day until all of a sudden, while I was about to exit the food court entrance at Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, there was a loud pop!

I didn’t think much of it until I heard what seemed to be a little girl screem. As I turned around to see what happened, I noticed a scene that would be compared to “the walking dead” running toward the exit in extreme panic, fear and confusion.

Instead of getting stampeded myself, I started also running toward the door, but was pushed down to the ground. Not once, but twice. In fact my should, arm and hip are bruised inside.

It turns out the loud pop was nothing to fear. Some dumb kid set off fireworks inside the mall and caused the panic that ensued. Thank God.

I literally was scared out of my mind, until I got out of the mall into my vehicle. I had to check my pants.



Zubin Parakh

Zubin Parakh is from Chattanooga, Tennessee.