Recently, I have been looking for non-prescription alternatives to Metformin for Diabetes Type 2 management. It is widely known that having a low-carb diet can significantly help those who suffer from insulin resistance, but sometimes a little extra help is needed to control A1C levels.

A common side effect, however, for many patients taking Metformin is the dreaded gastrointestinal issues (diarrhea/stomach cramps). For some, these side effects can be too much. There is an alternative to Metformin, in the form of an extended release version called Metformin ER (XR), which for some, has less issues for patients.

I am taking Dr. Whitakers formula

I will give you some updates once I have take this berberine formula by Dr. Whitaker, to show you how my A1C is impacted, and daily measurements.

I find this supplement to be relatively safe, buy YMMV, and see some of the side effects and user ratings here.


Zubin Parakh

Zubin Parakh is from Chattanooga, Tennessee.